Responsible Gambling

For many years, gambling is one of the most popular entertainments in the world, but not everyone treats it as an ordinary hobby. For some, gambling becomes a real addiction, to get rid of which is very, very difficult. To avoid this happening to you, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the concept of responsible gaming and its principles.

Why Addiction Happens

Before we talk about solving the problem, it is not superfluous to learn about the causes of its occurrence. It is wrong to believe that gambling addiction appears only because of banal human greed. It happens, but not all gambling addicts people think about money and their earnings.

So, here are the most common causes of addiction to gambling:

  • depression;
  • feelings of loneliness, lack of a steady partner;
  • dissatisfaction with your own lives;
  • mental disorders of varying degrees of severity;
  • the desire to get rich quickly.

Statistically, gambling addiction often goes hand in hand with other addictions, such as alcoholism and drug addiction. People with such disorders are at risk and they should use casino services with extreme caution.

What Does the Addiction

Not everyone can admit that he became addicted to casino games and slots. As a rule, the alarm begins to raise relatives and friends who notice that their loved one is doing something strange.

These signs indicate that a person has developed a real gambling addiction:

  • Is often thinking about gambling;
  • Wants to devote all his time to gambling;
  • Constantly increases his spending on games and slots;
  • Spends on gambling as much as he really can not afford;
  • Spends money only on gambling and denies himself everything else;
  • Borrows money to then leave them in the casino;
  • Gets angry when he can’t get access to games and slots;
  • Feels sad right after he stops gambling;
  • Lies to others about his passion for gambling.

All of the above strongly impact a person’s quality of life. Because of addiction sooner or later he has psychological, financial, and other serious difficulties.

What Rules Should Be Followed to Avoid Becoming an Addict

Principles of Responsible Gaming must comply not only with gambling establishments online but also with the gamblers themselves.

They are elementary and do not require much effort. We want to highlight for you the three most important principles of Responsible Gambling, compliance with which will ensure that there are no problems with gambling in the present and future.

First, gambling should be treated as a pleasant pastime, nothing more. Many gamblers make the mistake of spending too much money on it. The right thing would be to spend on the game and slots in the casino exactly as much as you have no regrets to spend on their other hobbies.

Hence the second principle flows smoothly from here: to plan all of your upcoming expenditures on gambling. If you determine in advance how much you can bet in the game, it is unlikely that you will suddenly begin to wager thoughtlessly.

The third principle is inextricably linked with the second: never borrow money to participate in gambling. It is also forbidden to borrow money that was originally planned to be spent on something else.

Useful Tools and Resources

Remember, you’re not alone, and finding help is easier than it looks.

The best online casinos have many tools for playing responsibly. For example, these include the ability to set limits in your account: limit the amount you can deposit, use, or lose, as well as specify the maximum playing time in a certain period. If you need to take a break, you may ask the casino to limit or self-limit your account.

In addition, you can seek help from online casino support or professional gambling organizations and resources that can help you better understand the problem and find tools to combat addiction. Many sites also have special self-diagnostic questionnaires for gambling addiction.

The organizations listed below help gamblers all over the world online, so you are free to ask them for help!