Best bitcoin casinos ranking 2022

The latest technologies make the casino even more user-friendly. Every day new features appear that make the casino system more convenient. One of the most popular technologies in the gambling industry is the cryptocurrency payment system. As we know, there are a lot of cryptocurrencies, but the Bitcoin casino is at the top of popularity. In almost every well-reputed casino, you will find the ability to make withdrawals and deposits using a cryptocurrency wallet. Some casinos fully operate based on Bitcoin technology. How are cryptocurrency casinos different from all others? Why should you pay attention to Bitcoin casino games in the Philippines and try them? You will find answers to these questions in today’s article.

What Is a Bitcoin Casino?

Bitcoin is a special digital currency that cannot be seen or touched. Cryptocurrency is not like bank cards, because it does not require the introduction of personal information and makes transactions in a completely different way. Blockchain technology makes using Bitcoin much safer and more convenient. It looks like a book with records of all transactions carried out on the account of a real person. Blockchain technology provides a high degree of information protection about payments made and protects users from information leakage. No government institution can obtain information from a cryptocurrency account or share it with others. The Bitcoin system is controlled by many participants. Cryptocurrency technology is built on mathematical calculations, so it can protect users from hacking. 

Most players want to hide information about their payments, protect themselves from hackers, and also want to conveniently and quickly make deposits and withdrawals. That is why casinos that accept Bitcoin are so popular. Many people distrust government payment systems or traditional currencies, because they run the risk of being hacked. For these reasons, the introduction of Bitcoin technology in casinos has become an ideal solution, because it covers all the needs of gamblers.

Implementation of cryptocurrency technologies into casinos allowed players to be protected from hacker attacks and provide faster deposits and withdrawals. Transparent, anonymous, and decentralized – Bitcoin seems to be the perfect replacement for standard currencies. It is becoming common for online casinos to accept cryptocurrencies alongside several national currencies, but some platforms only accept cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of advantages of playing the cryptocurrency online casino and we will tell you about them below. 

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Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos


One of the main advantages of Bitcoin casinos is their worldwide availability. No matter where you live, you can play right now, anywhere. There may be dozens of gambling bans in your country and you may not be allowed to visit land-based casinos or play online in your country. In the case of a cryptocurrency online casino, it is simply impossible to leak your data and this allows you to play in any casino in the world. Moreover, the cryptocurrency is not subject to the state and is not related to banks, so playing in casinos using Bitcoin is completely legal. Sometimes certain types of casino games that you love are not available in your country. Online Bitcoin casinos provide a huge variety of thrilling and absorbing gambling games.

Fast Transactions 

One of the main advantages of a good casino is fast payouts. Unfortunately, the time of the transaction depends on the policy of the bank or any payment system. The casino cannot solve the problem of long-term payments in any way, because it has nothing to do with them. Often, players need to wait for days or even weeks to receive their winnings. This is inconvenient and very annoying for players. In this case, cryptocurrency casinos have an advantage, because any transactions in Bitcoin casinos are instant. As soon as you want to withdraw funds, they will be immediately transferred to your account.

High Degree of Protection

As we already said above, Bitcoin currency is based on blockchain technology and many casinos use it, because it guarantees players’ security. Compared to traditional casinos that require entering personal information, for example, about the bank cards or e-wallet. Sometimes Bitcoin users are required to provide no less personal information than with other payment methods. But some blockchain casinos do not require more information from players than their e-wallet and email.

All your transactions can be disclosed and you can be in danger. Thus, many people choose online casinos with bitcoin casino software. It is especially popular if online casinos in your country are prohibited. If you care about your safety and want to live in comfort, choose this type of casino payment system. 


The peculiarity of cryptocurrency casinos is that they do not require a large deposit when you start playing. You can start with $1 to see if you like the casino and choose the best game. It is beneficial for both players and casino owners, because providers get the opportunity to reach more target audiences. Moreover, all transactions at the online casino using bitcoin do not require commissions, unlike transactions made to a bank card. Sometimes commissions are very high due to the rules of the payment system and this very often frustrates players, especially if the winnings are small and the payment system takes a high percentage of the fees.

Bitcoin casinos also have pitfalls, because of high volatility. Although this cannot be called a disadvantage, because, with the help of high volatility, you can win much more than you bet. If you understand the principles of cryptocurrency systems, this will not be a problem for you and you will not only win at the casino games, but you will also be able to track the bitcoin exchange rate and make a profit.


It is very profitable for a casino provider to open an online gambling site based on Bitcoin technology. This is due to several factors. First, it is much easier, cheaper, and faster to open a bitcoin casino than a gambling resource that uses fiat currency (two to three weeks instead of two months). Secondly, cryptocurrency casinos do not have such a high level of competition. Thirdly, Bitcoin is becoming more and more accessible in different parts of the world, so there will be more players using Bitcoin. There are more and more opportunities for people from all over the world to enjoy their favorite casino games. 

How We Rate and Review the Bitcoin Casinos

In order to choose the best online Bitcoin casino, it is important to consider a lot of various features. There are too many thrilling online casinos based on cryptocurrency technologies, but you can make a mistake and choose an unreliable gambling site. If you want to find the best Bitcoin casino without any effort, you can read our Bitcoin casino reviews, because we always go through full-fledged research and identify the advantages and weaknesses of online casinos.

Reputation & User Experience 

Before recommending any casino, we look at its reputation and advantages. It is clear that if each review only talks about the negative aspects of the casino, we will not recommend it and will most likely consider it. 

License and Certificates 

The most important thing in any casino is safety. Casino licensing shows a high degree of trust and only such casinos should be played. You can find information about the casino legal system at the bottom of the page. 

Variety of Games

The casino can be licensed to provide all possible payment systems in the world, well, be completely uninteresting due to the small selection of games. When we make reviews about a casino, we always take into account which bitcoin casino software chooses and which games the platform provides. 

24/7 Customer Support

Bitcoin casino ranking also depends on customer services. If the casino cares about its customers it will provide reliable assistance services in order to resolve any gambler’s problem. Moreover, at a good Bitcoin casino, players have the opportunity to contact support not only by email, but also by mobile phone, via Telegram, WhatsUp, and so on.

Withdrawals System

We consider what maximum withdrawal limits the casino provides, as well as commissions for withdrawing money, and the speed of transactions. Payouts must be fast, limits are high, and fees are low.

Bonus System

If the casino cares about its visitors and wants to please them, it will release many interesting and profitable bonuses. For example, a no deposit casino Bitcoin bonus is provided on almost all reliable platforms. 


Every day there are more and more online casinos offering the use of cryptocurrency. The attractiveness of bitcoin lies in the fact that the settlement system is very reliable, during transactions it does not turn to any intermediaries, and transfers are fast and inexpensive. The use of cryptocurrency protects personal data as this digital money guarantees users anonymity. This is much more profitable, because transactions go directly from one crypto-wallet to another, which eliminates the involvement of any third party and reduces the possibility of hacking, as well as make it possible not to pay fees.


What is a Bitcoin Casino?

BTC casino is a platform that accepts Bitcoin as a payment option and allows users to make deposits and withdrawals using this cryptocurrency. Some casinos provide several payment systems and Bitcoin is one of them and casinos that support only Bitcoin for playing.

How Do Bitcoin Casinos Work?

In short, a crypto casino is an online casino that allows deposits and withdrawals in one or more cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin casino is a gambling site that supports cryptocurrency payments and allows people to provide transactions more conveniently. It functions like a regular gaming platform and all that distinguishes Bitcoin casinos from traditional online sites is the use of cryptocurrency. This has lots of advantages.

Is It Legal To Play Bitcoin Casinos?

In most countries, Bitcoin casinos are legal so you can play them without any problems. If online casinos are banned in your country, this is not a reason to be disappointed, because Bitcoin is not subject to any government agencies. You can play it from anywhere all over the world without any difficulties. However, be careful, because cryptocurrency may be banned in your country. There are also countries in which gambling is a gray zone and does not bear any punishment for the game.

What Are The Top Bitcoin Casinos?

We can’t name the best casino, because each person has his own needs and preferences. The choice of a casino depends on what exactly you expect to receive. Our goal is to create honest reviews and your task is to choose the most suitable gambling platform.

Is It Secure to Play Bitcoin Casino?

Compared to traditional casinos that require you to enter personal information about your bank or debit card, Bitcoin casinos cannot reveal your identity and require data. This makes all transactions transparent and secure, as well as anonymous. Using Bitcoin at the casino protects you from intruders, because all you need to enter is your cryptocurrency wallet address. You are completely safe from hacker attacks.

How Many Fees Does a Bitcoin Casino Transaction Take?

One of the main advantages of choosing a Bitcoin casino is that there is no commission for withdrawals. The only fees may apply for a nominal fee when processing your payment, but this is a very rare situation.

How Long Does It Take to Withdraw Money at Bitcoin Casinos?

As we said above, payments at the cryptocurrency casinos are made instantly, because Bitcoin is not subject to government and other payment systems. When making withdrawals from traditional casinos, sometimes you have to wait several days. Bitcoin casinos offer either instant payouts or waiting up to 1 hour.