Cashback Bonus Online Casinos in Philippines 2024

Cashback in Phillipine casino

Gambling is an exhilarating entertainment that can reward a user with valuable and even dizzying prizes. Meanwhile, the gambling world will always be fraught with the risk of losing money. Even the most successful players sooner or later face a series of losses that negatively affect the wallet of existing players.

For their part, gambling providers are well aware of the situation and strive to compensate for at least the amount of the lost funds. Just for these purposes, operators have come up with one of the most profitable rewards – called online casino cashback.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to receive 100% compensation for all lost funds within a day or a month. However, even a part of the funds that will be returned to your gaming account will give you an additional chance to win back the lost money and even multiply your winnings.

Usually, this type of reward is available to loyal users who have already registered and made $2 deposits. In addition, if you are a VIP club member or a high roller, compensation may be significantly higher than for ordinary users.

Each virtual casino offers an utterly different size and form of cashback bonus. That is why we decided to review this type of reward to choose the worthiest candidates who can compensate you for the maximum amount of lost funds.

What Is Cashback Bonus and How It Works?

This type of premium can be found on almost anyreal money casino site. In the meantime, each operator independently decides on the shape and size of a gift. The same applies to the period for which a gambler can receive compensation for lost funds. Most often, you can witness an offer where gambling houses reward punters with a pack of free rounds.

Other gambling operators prefer to reward a user with game points that can be used on a sure list of entertainment. As mentioned earlier, the higher the player’s status, the higher the reward.

Real money is still the most profitable cashback bonus option. In this case, you can get a percentage of the lost funds within a week or a month.

For example, you may find an offer where a provider guarantees 10% cashback for weekly losses. As a rule, the amount of compensation will always be limited to a certain threshold. Let’s say we are talking about a 20% cashback bonus with a maximum limit of up to $500. Thus, if your deposit was $200, the amount of compensation would be $40. This amount will most likely be enough to try your luck on your favorite casino machine once again and win back the previous positions.

As you can see, the popularity of this bonus has specific reasons. If you’re having fun on a minimal budget, even a partial refund can turn the tide in your favor. Be sure to pay attention to the following fundamental things:

  • Compensation amount
  • For what period does the gaming platform compensate for losses (day, week, or month)
  • Minimum deposit required to qualify for casino cashback bonus
  • Cashback type

Best Casino Cashback Offers for Filipinos in 2024

🤑 Welcome Bonus Up to €1500
💯 150 Free Spins
🎁€3,000 + 150 Free Spins
🪙 Bonus Code "GOLD150"
🤑 Welcome Package Up to €1500
💯 150 Free Spins
🤑 Welcome Bonus 100% Up to ₱17,000
🤑 Welcome Bonus 100% Up to $120
💯 120 Free Spins
🤑 Welcome Bonus Up to $1500
🤑 100% First Deposit Bonus Up to ₱18,000
🎁 100% Bonus Up to €200
⚡ 10 EnergySpins
🤑100% Deposit Bonus Up to ₱60000
💯 150 Free Spins

A gift can take completely different forms and depends on each specific provider. If you want to make the most of deposit bonuses, be sure to explore the available types of compensation and choose the one that suits you best.

Keep in mind that in some cases, a prize may be figured exclusively for those players who make large deposits and show desirable activity on a platform. Let’s not beat around the bush and take a look at the most common offers available on virtual sites:

  • Money compensation. Probably, you guessed by the name that a user needs to make a certain deposit amount to qualify for this type of premium. The same applies to the minimum amount of lost funds that a punter can compensate at the expense of a gambling house. Sometimes, providers may require not one but two or three deposits before a bonus is activated. Be sure to read the reward details before checking the box and agreeing to the terms of a reward.
  • Pack of free rounds. Perhaps a gambling house will offer you a package of 20 or even 50 free matches for a particular list of one-armed bandits. This is an entirely acceptable form of compensation that allows you to try your luck on video slots again and try to return at least part of the lost funds. Some believe this is the most common form of cashback bonus you can come across on your way. Even minimal compensation is better than being left with nothing after a bad day.
  • Cashback for ordinary punters. If you have already created a new gaming profile and are actively entertaining on a platform, you should grab the opportunity to get a cashback bonus and compensate for part of the lost funds. This is a great strategy to catch up and get a valuable prize, even if you are faced with a string of setbacks. The list of games where you can use bonus credits will be limited. When it comes to online entertainment, which you hear about for the first time, this is not a reason to despair. Study other players’ experiences and find some strategies to come through unscathed.
  • Cashback for rollers and VIP users. We have identified this category as a special type of reward for a reason. The fact is that high-status punters have more privileges, especially when it comes to cashback bonuses. It is no secret that these clients make large deposits and virtual casinos in the Philippines do their best to encourage their activity. Do you want to receive the highest percentage of compensation? It would be best if you were among the favorites. These gamblers can be compensated even for funds lost during the day. More importantly, the size of the cashback will be much larger than that of ordinary users.
Cashback casino glossary

Casino Cash Back Bonus Types

It looks like it’s time to pay attention to the types of premiums you can find in the gambling world. This will allow you to understand better whether the offer is a worthwhile bonus. In addition, understanding the different types of casino cashback offers will broaden your horizons and help you select the most generous gambling sites. Let’s run through the most common types of awards you can claim today:

    • Compensation for all lost funds. Even the title of this gift sounds good, doesn’t it? Let’s be honest; this type of cashback is extremely rare. However, this bounty can compensate you for a certain percentage of all bets you make during a specific period, regardless of the type of casino machines.
    • Monthly reward. Our experts believe that this is the best deal you should not miss. From a technical point of view, a provider compensates for a percentage of the total amount of bets within a month. As a result, you get one of the most powerful tools that allow you to return a significant amount of funds, especially if the month turns out to be unsuccessful.
    • Weekly premium. The reward is very similar to the previous type of reward. The only difference is that a virtual site will give you back a percentage of your total stakes within a week. Now you can relax and place big bets. This approach pays off. Even if you encounter a series of failures, compensation promises excellent prospects within a week.
  • Daily reward. This is a beginner premium level and one of the most common cashback casino bonuses in the gambling world. Get a partial refund for a total amount of bets during the day. If you are an active gamer, awelcome bonus will come in handy at the end of the day.
  • Registration reward with partial cashback. This type of promotion is designed for new users who have created game profiles and made deposits. As a result, a gambling house will transfer you a percentage of the first unsuccessful bet you encounter. This reward will allow you to overcome the psychological barrier and fear of losing money before the first bet. An excellent opportunity to feel the support of a gambling provider from the first minutes of being on a gaming site.
  • Permanent and temporary prizes. Some providers prefer to use cashback as an endless promotion. Others offer refunds of lost funds within a limited period. Therefore, do not rush to give preference to a particular reward. Be sure to pay attention to whether you can receive compensation for the entire time you are on a site or whether this premium is a one-time bonus.
  • Exclusive cashback. This prize is designed for the most active users, high rollers, or VIP punters. In this case, users can count on an increased amount of compensation and more frequent payments.
  • Pack offree spins. This is a common form of compensation, where users receive a package of free rounds instead of real money.

As you can see, virtual casino sites offer various types of cashback. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. So be sure to consider promotion details before making your final decision.

How to Use Cashback Bonus At Online Casino

How to Claim Cashback Bonus At Online Casino?

In most cases, you will not need to take any specific steps to qualify for the award. You can easily find a vast number of gambling houses that activate the best cashback bonuses automatically. As a rule, making one or two deposits is enough, and you will meet the qualifying conditions to receive a bounty.

Sometimes, a provider may require you to enter a promotional code to qualify for a valuable prize. Therefore, it would be helpful to contact the support service and clarify whether this condition is required to receive compensation. Let’s take a look at the most common situation where you need to follow a few simple steps to activate a reward:

  1. Log in to your account on a virtual casino site
  2. Go to the “Promotions” section and explore the available offers
  3. Try to understand all the promotion details and ensure you know every point of the rules
  4. Enjoy a game and get rewarded according to the terms of a bonus promotion

Remember that some types of cashback offer compensation if a player is faced with losing money on specific casino machines. A complete list of eligible one-armed bandits is always listed in the reward details.

T&C and Wagering Requirements

If you have read up to this point, it’s time to reveal one of the fundamental points you should pay attention to when choosing a premium. We have discussed the most important things that should not be overlooked.

In this paragraph, we decided to highlight information that is of paramount importance. Believe it or not, every casino is looking to cash in on you. Therefore, cases, when providers offer impossible T&Cs or dubiousroulette prizes, are far from uncommon.

So, here are a few things you should pay extra attention to:

  • Every bonus offer that involves the compensation of funds must have clear T&Cs.
  • A user must fulfill thewagering requirements if we are talking about compensation expressed as a percentage. Therefore, some cashback promotions may be out of your league.
  • Check how long the offer will remain valid. The best cashback casino bonuses allow wagering over several weeks or more.
  • Learn the minimum and maximum limits for cashing out winnings after receiving a refund.

Pros & Cons

In our experience, the most lucrative casino cashback offers can be found at reputable licensed casinos. Besides, the offers you can meet on such sites contain comprehensive information about casino cashback bonus conditions. However, like all other rewards, cashback has hits and misses. Please check them right away.

✅ Hits:

  • Extend gameplay time
  • Compensate for at least an hour of lost funds
  • Cash back has loyal wagering conditions
  • Chance to receive real monetary compensation
  • Can take into account the total amount of lost funds during the month

🚫 Misses:

  • Premium compensates only for a percentage of the lost funds
  • It cannot be used with other extra offers
  • Restrictions on the maximum amount available for cashing out


1️⃣ Is Cashback Bonus Legal in the Philippines?

This type of premium is legal, as are all other types of valuable prizes that you can find in new casinos.

2️⃣ What Is a Minimum Deposit Amount on Cashback Casino Bonus?

This amount differs from casino to casino. In our experience, the average deposit amount is around $10 or more.

3️⃣ Can You Win Real Money Using Cash Back Bonus?

Yes, this type of reward offers the possibility of winning real cash prizes. Please note that the funds you can win under the online cashback bonus can be cashed out after the wagering requirements are met.

4️⃣ What Is the Best Cashback Bonus Casino for Filipinos?

We studied dozens of the most profitable casino cashback offers and chose 888 casinos.

5️⃣ Does Cashback Offer Have an Expiration Date?

As a rule, casino cashback offers are valid for a limited period. The same goes for cashback gifts. The minimum period for compensation is seven days.


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