To ensure a more comfortable visit to the website, we use cookies to identify users and to save data for later identification. By visiting this site you consent to the use and storage of such files on your device.

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small file that stores certain information. It is stored from a website that the user has access to on their device. The virtual site “remembers” the user’s settings and reproduces them accurately the next time the same page is used. This can be the login information for the profile, language, scale of the page display, etc. Thus the user does not need to re-enter any data – the site is already ready to use.

How Do We Use Cookies?

The user can visit our site without using cookies. In this case, some functions of the site may not work correctly or may not be displayed at all. This is why, when using the site for the first time, the administration immediately asks for permission to use such files.

If the user prefers not to use cookies, he or she may immediately decline the offer to use them or disable such an option in the browser settings. Note that such settings are saved only for the specific site and for each site will need to make them separately.

The Main Сookies

The main cookie files are those that are needed for the main functions of the website. Disabling them can result that the site will not be able to offer services and general purposes as intended.

Non-Existent Cookies

These cookies are not necessary for the basic functions of the website, even if they improve the overall user experience. They are mostly gatherers of information, such as user counts and how users navigate the website.

Cookies Used on This Website

Google Analytics – this is a marketing optimization tool that allows us to collect general information about users when they visit the website. This may include which pages they visit, how long they stay on the site, and how many users visit the site at different intervals. Personal information is never saved.