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Baccarat is one of the most famous games that is most often played in the VIP lounges of casinos from Monte Carlo to London and Las Vegas. This is the favorite game of villains from popular films. The online platform allows you to enjoy baccarat live casino without leaving your home. This is a great option for you if you cannot visit land-based casinos. If you decide to enjoy playing live baccarat, this article is going to be useful for you!

What is a Live Baccarat?

Live baccarat is a classic and well-known game that differs from traditional online baccarat in that it is played by a live dealer. This means that you just need to place a bet, and a real person will do all the other actions for you. Live baccarat in online casinos has dozens of advantages and is more convenient and interesting than traditional online casinos.

The rules of baccarat are very simple. On each hand, the player and the banker are dealt two cards. The goal of each of them is to score 9 or as close to 9 as the number of points. 10 and Jack, Queen, and King cards have a denomination of 0, aces – 1, and the denomination of the remaining cards corresponds to their number, for example, two – 2, three – 3, and so on.

A third card may be dealt if the number of points on the first two cards is no higher than 5. Players place bets on the player, banker, or draw. Winning bets are paid 1:1. If your bet on the banker is successful, the casino charges a 5% commission. A draw bet pays 8: 1. There are two additional bets to choose from – on a pair from the player and a pair from the banker. These bets are paid 11:1.

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How to Start Playing Live Baccarat?

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Live dealer baccarat online casino is available around the clock at standard and VIP tables at various rates. It is very easy to start playing live baccarat. You need to choose a reliable casino following our reviews. To start playing, select the table with the most suitable for you rates. The interface of live baccarat is practically no different from a traditional online casino. There are only two things that make live baccarat different. The first is the opportunity to choose the dealer you like. Moreover, you can interact with a dealer by placing your bets and chatting. Well, the second difference between live baccarat and a regular online casino is a chat where you can communicate with other real players.

The game is played by highly skilled croupiers, streamed with high-quality video, has a very easy-to-use user interface, and offers a couple of tempting side bets in addition to the three main bets. Online live casinos guarantee that beginners will quickly understand the interface of live baccarat for the first time and enjoy placing their first bet.

Live Baccarat Casino Features

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Advantages of Live Baccarat

🛡️ Safety & Security

Many casino players believe that the traditional game of baccarat can be tweaked. One of the main advantages of playing live baccarat in an online casino is the ability to see the process of the game with your own eyes. Dealers are specially trained people who know how to play the city correctly and you can be sure that they will not deceive you. Live baccarat is a clear example of the fact that the game is being played fairly.

According to our reviews, you can choose the most reliable and honest live casino that does not risk leaking your personal information. Today there are hundreds of online platforms with attractive live baccarat games created by various providers. However, the choice of a casino directly affects your safety and opportunity to play without risk.

Online Baccarat Game Philippines

💬 Live Chat

The live baccarat online casino Philippines will give you a sense of society because you can communicate with real people and even with a dealer. A dealer is usually a young girl with a pleasant appearance and strong gambling skills. By the way, you are able to meet the dealer and even send her gifts. Moreover, you can choose which girl dealer you liked the most to play with her. You can also chat with other real players who play live baccarat with you. Overall, real money casinos are a great way to replace the land-based establishment and get the most out of your game.

📱 Accessibility

Sometimes it happens that gambling or a certain type of casino game is prohibited in your country. If for some reason you cannot visit land-based casinos, online platforms with hundreds of gambling games will come to your aid. If you try to choose a reliable baccarat live casino, you will not have a chance of leaking your personal information and, accordingly, you will not be threatened. Moreover, whether most of the popular payment systems are banned in your country is not a problem, because you can use cryptocurrency. It is even safer, because the risk of information leakage is zero.

The Bottom Line

Live baccarat is a game that will never lose its relevance. Live dealer baccarat can diversify your gambling experience and allow you to have a great time. If you are in doubt about choosing live baccarat online casino Philippines, trust us and read our quality and fair reviews. Hope you have a great time!


1️⃣ Can I play live baccarat for free?

Some gambling sites offer the opportunity to try playing live baccarat for free the first time, but there are very few such sites. If you want to familiarize yourself with the game of baccarat and try to play it for free, you can pay attention to traditional casino games that always provide such an opportunity as a no deposit bonus.

2️⃣ Is live baccarat rigged?

Most of the popular online casinos offer live games only from reliable software providers. If you have doubts about the reliability of the game and think that a live baccarat game may be falsified, take a look at the casino's certificate and license, as well as the list of live game providers. Most live games go through rigorous testing.

3️⃣ Can I play live baccarat on the mobile phone?

Many popular gambling sites offer the opportunity to play live baccarat games directly from your mobile phone. It depends on the platform you choose. Some mobile casinos even have an app for iPhone or Android users.

4️⃣ Where can I play the best live baccarat?

There is no single answer to this question, because each player has his own needs and desires. In order to choose the best casino, you should read our reviews and understand what is most important for you in a live baccarat casino.


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